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Baby Safe Ink Pad

Our baby safe ink pad is the perfect way to protect your prints and memories. Our ink pad is made of durable material that does not reflect light and is designed with a handprint tracking system. It also has a footprint tracking system so you can keep track of how many prints you have made. Finally, our kit contains all you need to keep your memories alive.

Inkless Ink Pad

If you're looking for a personal ink pad that will make your writing process more comfortable and easier, then look no further than the inkless ink pad. This pen-like ink pad is perfect for using on paper, computer files, or even your toiletry bag; and it works with any ink bottles. whether you're writing in the morning or night, the inkless ink pad is sure to take the stress out of your process. So go ahead and get started today with your new favorite ink pad!

Baby Friendly Ink Pad

This baby friendly ink pad is made with environmental friendly paper that isontoxic inkless footprint handprint kit. This ink pad is a perfect addition to your child's world and will help them to stay healthy and happy. this inkless ink pads is a great for baby who wants to be aware of the world in which they are living in. The ink pads are made of safe ink that doesn't contain any chemicals or harmful materials. They fit most baby's feet and come in 10 colors to match any nursery. this baby safe ink pad is perfect for your little one's safe space. With our ink pad, they can write in safety and peace of mind, knowing that the safe space is only a few steps away. Our ink pad is made with a non-toxic kit, so their little one's are safe and secure in everything. Plus, the baby safe ink pad has a fingerprint sensor to make it easy to track, and a paw print sensor to keep your hand out of the hair on your pocket. The soft, felt-backed pad is easy to clean and will help keep your drawings and writing in order.